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Hi! I'm Darcie, I'm 21 years old, and I am a student living in Massachusetts.
Welcome to my fitness/healthy choice blog! I created this for me to follow other fitness blogs and post some images and write about my weightloss journey.
I don't follow people just because they follow me.. if i like your blog, i'll click that magical button =)
I also use myfitnesspal: Darcie11Mae
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I decided to weigh myself this morning instead of tomorrow, because I’m going to consume about 40 lbs of food at dinner today. Hahaha :P
I’ve lost 3.4 pounds since my last weigh in |
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my sister just tried to ask me if i wanted to go to bed but instead it came out “Do you need to use the sleep?”

and then she just kinda looked really horrified at herself and whispered

"Maybe i need to use the sleep"

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Watching baseball while at the gym. What could be better? Oh yea, a second screen with soccer on it :P

I made this #health and #fitness collage to give me motivation at work :)
Out at the #stream #river #creek thing with my best friend :) #selfie #pink My legs look #JACKED. (( Flexes #muscles ))

I laid my gym clothes out on my bed so when I got home, I would be motivated to go to the gym instead of taking a nap. Hm. I think I should have used something a little more difficult to move.

So I was taking a scoop of Body Fortress Whey Protein Powder with 8oz of water after my workout (I do 30 mins on the treadmill or elliptical, then I do assisted dips, pullups, and chinups, and lately, I’ve been working my abs). I noticed I feel a lot more…. flabby. My tummy is getting so gross and I’m starting to feel disgusting. I’m ashamed of my belly for the first time in about a year (since I started getting in shape). Does anyone else have this issue with the protein stuff? Any advice?
I also haven’t been watching what I eat. I’m so devastated at the scale and the mirror. My belly is GROSS! :’(
I’m really going to try and get motivated from this, and not end up depressed and discouraged.

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I’m seriously so sick of starting over. Why can’t I just stick to my diet. Ugh

Aww yea, #adventure with Eric :D #selfie #beach #pennsylvania #weareawesome

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